A Retrospective Look

In this my last 15 weeks of my writing 150 class I have learned what it means to truly think critically. Critical thinking means a lot of different things depending on who you ask. However, I have learned that for me, critical thinking is the ability to think past common perception of what something is or isn’t and to take what you are thinking about and compare it to other types of thought and topics that may relate immediately or take some time and several steps of thought. Critical thinking is essential for not only essays or academic settings, but imperative for situations in daily life that require you to be able to think such as in situations of problem solving or ethical debate. Our last essay pertaining to the ethical dilemmas of a certain disruptive technology has really prepared me in terms of know how to decipher different ethical situations and their moral outcomes.

In terms of the collaborative learning that we have done by doing workshops and blogs, I have felt that they have helped me in becoming a more well-rounded thinker. Gaining different options from different people is always essential in growing as a person. Having a very strong art background, I know from experience that you can’t get better without the help of others. Something that I would like to carry with me after this class involves taking many steps to reach a final goal. All of the drafting really makes a difference in the in how the final product really turn out.