Virtual Reality (Reposted)

For my final essay on the topic of a disruptive technology I have chosen to focus my research on the advancement of virtual reality and how it will affect the way different people must change their lives to accommodate this change. This technology while relatively new, has seen a large rise within the video gaming community. Currently one of the most popular VR headsets would have to be the new Sony head set which has sold over one million units within the first six months. The VR market is projected to have sales reach 70 billion by 2020.vr-refresh-tech-set Some challenges; however, that stand in the way from a societal VR acceptance have to do with the potential ethical violations that the technology can potentially cross and/or promote people to do so. One of the largest debates in VR has to do with who can create content for VR and what are they allowed to create? This is a very tricky situation, for it is important that VR be allowed to be used by many people, hence there being a need for many different types of virtual realities to be created. Some people call for an overall freedom of use such as the ability to post any content they desire, while others wish for a more regulated posting system such as youtube where there are a certain set of rules a poster must abide by.  Although what probably makes the most sense would just to have the VR posting ability exclusive to certain production companies that will create quality and safe content for all kinds of people. When looking at this technology it is easy to see all the different kinds of positive affects that it could have on people, for example VR allows for people who either have mobility issues or the inability to spend money to travel to far away places to virtually transport themselves though virtual reality. To give someone with out the ability to walk since birth the sensation of running would alone be a great reason to promote the innovation and production of virtual reality.



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