Museum Exhibit Proposal

For my museum proposal I am pitching would either be one large exhibit or series of smaller exhibits that will promote biological and environmental learning of the Earth’s ecosystems thus promoting more young people to pursue it as a career. This exhibit will also bring 484453ce8395ef766079b63597722c19personal experience and enjoyment to the exhibit goers with the goal that their opinion about the environment will change thus promoting them to take more ecological friendly actions throughout daily life.

So much about what a person does with their life has to do with the career they decide to pursue; however, recently so many people are left uninspired at a young age about their futures, that when asking what they want to do they just say that they want a job that makes a lot of money. While a job that makes a lot of money does sound nice, is it really worth doing the job if it doesn’t make you feel happy and inspired every day you are working. OnSchool-Tours-and-Group-Visits-2e of the main goals of this museum is to begin promoting at a young age the wonders behind bioscience learning. While this may seem like an odd field as most college campuses are filled with life science majors, in reality majority of these life science majors are in the pursuit of a medical degrees, not ones that works with the environment and the animals within it.

The main type of exhibit at this museum would be one spherical dome that is able to recreate a certain biome. For example, one biome could be a dessert where there could be the different Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 10.23.29 PMplants and fauna spread out. There could also be reptiles in smaller cases to be viewed along with birds being able to fly you and land in the trees. While I will not go into
every exact detail the basic goal for this exhibit is to in a sense recreate an envir
onment with all of its plants and animals in a controlled setting. This will essentially allow people to be in a biome that they would normally never get a chance to go, such as a rain forest setting for the museum goers of California.


4 thoughts on “Museum Exhibit Proposal

  1. Wow I think this is very interesting, and unique. Especially with the biome illustrations. I feel like most ideas are more computer related, or were sports related, but you take on a different perspective, by having the emphasis on the environment. Great idea!


  2. I definitely agree what you said: lots of students who are majoring in fields related to biology just want to pursue for medical degree. It is worthwhile to construct such an interesting museum to stimulate people’s interest in bio-science. However, I once read an example of bio-dome just like what you mentioned in journal, but it failed later because of some scientific reasons. Anyways, it is not the most important point because it is only used for recreational function for museum. Hope that you museum can contain more exciting exhibitions!


  3. I really like this idea. One of the main determining factors in pursing a career in music for me was a trip to the MOMA when I was little. They had an exhibit on concert photos and culture over time. Seeing all the photos of people enjoying music – something that brings us all together – was eye-opening. I knew immediately that music was something I wanted to work with. I think that having a museum on bioscience would be a great way to get kids interested in environmental studies. I think that this would be a great place to house a lot of interactive workshops, too.


  4. I really like the part where you said different areas of the museum could be different biomes. That would be an extremely cool experience to be able to experience what its like in different climates all over the Earth. One thing that would really get me excited about going to this museum is that it’s both extremely educational but also an extremely valuable experience of getting out of your comfort zone.


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