Feeling Represented

In the article Persistence of women and minorities in STEM field majors: Is it the school that matters? author Amanda L. Griffith claims that one of the main reasons women are not very well represented in fields of STEM has to do with the lack of role models they see on a daily basis while in undergraduate education. Many schools go out of t
eir way to attract and recruit talented and bright young women into their schools and STEM majors; however, that effort goes to waste if the student feels discouraged and drops her STEM major. One of the most effect ways the author found in keeping students in 6a3375d-kingston-university-a9f0ea7-stemteachernetworkSTEM was by having some of their TA be female. By having a Female TA it shows the young female undergraduate students that not only is it possible to graduate like that TAs have, but also to go to graduate school like they are currently doing. This article is very important to include in our upcoming essays about underrepresented
groups in STEM,  for it shows the importance and impact of one feeling represented within a group where they are the minority.


4 thoughts on “Feeling Represented

  1. I agree – I think that having female role models in close proximity is vital to encouraging women to stay interested in STEM careers. For sure letting girls find comfort in an older female mentor is an important way to retain interest in a male-dominated field.


  2. I agree what you said in the journal. Sometimes, the role models look so far away from us. However, if we have more female TAs, we will realize that there are many distinguished women students in STEM fields and they can work well when they go to graduate school. Also, I attended the AthenaHacks the weekend before last week, which was all-women hackathon held by women students. I think it is very inspiring for us and I really want to join them in the future!


  3. I agree, it is a vicious cycle for women in STEM, they feel discouraged to join STEM because there are little role models, and if they fail to embrace STEM, then ext generation is left worse off as well. Schools on all grades (and college) definitely need programs that encourage female students to pursue STEM, then we can hopefully balance this out.


  4. I agree, women need more role models in the STEM field to look up to. It’s pretty bad that women historically have been stigmatized for wanting to be scientists or engineers. Institutions can do more to help women succeed in STEM fields!


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