Reflection: First Paper

One of the main problems that was present throughout majority of my first draft involved not being able to stay on point. It would occur quite often that I would be discussing one topic and then go off into a tangent on another. In order to fix this for the next draft I made a better outline as to stay within the guidelines and on topic. While most of the tangents I wrote were on the topic of technology they however, proved to be entirely different points that would have needed a separate paragraph.  As I move into the final draft of the paper I am now more conscience of this issue and know that I will have to reread the final paper a couple of times to ensure that the flow of thought makes sense. Involving the topic above I also proved to have issues about choosing and narrowing down the topics I wanted to discuss within the paper. While it is nice to have a very broad topic like technology to write on, it can prove very difficult to pick something specific and chose the best points to help backup your argument.


3 thoughts on “Reflection: First Paper

  1. For myself, when writing the second paper on underrepresentation for example, I had a very broad topic I tried to focus on diversity and women, but I eventually narrowed it down to women only, as the topic would be too large, and require a larger scale than what this paper is looking for. By narrowing down my topic, it made my ideas easier to formulate because I could consider less irrelevant factors/ consider more relevant factors. Of course, picking the specific topic is probably the toughest part!


  2. YES, it happens to me too. When you see the broad and interesting topic such as technology, you just feel that you have lots of things to write and you want to write everything. I think that why we have prompt for every essay because we need to focus on a specific technology and describe the disruption brought by it. I will choose the topic that I like and I am familiar to and write down some reasons why it is disruptive. When you want to put those separate paragraphs altogether, you need to put them in an appropriate order and give them better transitions. Also, don’t forget to cut some irrelevant parts or redundant parts. Hope those suggestion will help you. I am still trying on it too : )


  3. Staying focused is such a hard part of writing, especially when you have a lot of ideas. That’s why I think the pre-writing process is so important. It allows you to really flush out all of your different ideas and figure out which one has the most substance. This makes the actual writing process a lot easier.


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